REVEALED: Why CM Punk's WWE Raw Promo Was So Short

CM Punk's WWE Raw promo was only six minutes

Nine years on from his last appearance on the show and CM Punk made his return to Monday Night Raw in the main event segment of the November 27 show. 

After initially declaring that hell had indeed frozen over and saying he was "home", Punk cut a fairly routine promo, noting that a wise man told him he would have to leave WWE to get what he needed from the company. Punk then referenced the backstage reaction and signed off by admitting he was back with WWE to make money, not friends. 

The November 27 edition of Monday Night Raw has been criticised by many, especially since Punk's promo only lasted six minutes on an episode where his first Raw appearance in nine years was the star attraction. The succinctness of Punk's promo wasn't the original plan, however, and PWInsider has reported that Punk was initially set to receive more time. Timing issues meant Randy Orton vs. Dominik Mysterio ran longer than expected, though, and Punk's time was cut as a result. 

Time changes on Monday Night Raw are common and Randy Orton vs. Dominik Mysterio being the final match of the night meant there was little wiggle room for cutting time elsewhere on the show. 

CM Punk has been a part of WWE once again since his shock return in the final moments of Survivor Series on Saturday, November 25. 

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