REVEALED: Why WWE Talks With Mercedes Moné Collapsed

Dave Meltzer reveals why talks between WWE and the former Sasha Banks have broken down.

With the future destination of Mercedes Moné still up in the air, Dave Meltzer has spoken on Wrestling Observer Radio about the reason talks fell through between WWE and the former Sasha Banks. Meltzer explained:

“She was absolutely negotiating with WWE. From what I was told, they were far apart on money. [...] We were told by multiple people that they were far apart on money. And that's the same thing from a year ago, if you remember, when before she went to New Japan and when there was all the talk that she might come back when Vince [McMahon] was gone and [Paul] Levesque was there.

"And in the end, they did not make the deal a year ago because she had asked for - the way it was explained was - Charlotte Flair money and, they weren't going to go that high. And also, the other thing with her is that she has other things, whether it's acting or other companies that she's involved in, that could be an issue. With AEW, I think she would have more freedom to act, although WWE is going to probably give you more freedom now than they would under Vince when Vince was such a controlling person, but maybe not. 

"We don't know how healthy she is, but, there's certainly a lot of talk of her in AEW. We’ll see what happens."

However, Meltzer also stressed that he was told by a WWE source not to completely rule out a return for Mone, with the recent signing of CM Punk used as an example. He stated:

"There is one person in WWE who said, ‘Until she shows up and until you hear she signed a contract, just remember what happened with [CM] Punk.' [...] You know, when they say it's done and they tell everyone it's done."

Reports have indicated, however, that Moné is expected to join All Elite Wrestling.

H/T to WrestlingNews.co.

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