Rey Fenix Issues Statement Following AEW Dynamite Injury

Awaiting an exact diagnosis

Rey Fenix has issued a statement following his injury on AEW Dynamite. 

Fenix was injured during The Lucha Brothers' AEW World Tag Team Title defence against Jurassic Express after he was Chokeslammed from the apron through a table on the outside by Luchasaurus. Fenix put out his left arm to brace his fall but it gave way and horribly hyperextended, causing him to immediately signal for medical assistance.

It was initially reported that the former AAA Mega Champion had broken his arm during the spot, but Republic of Lucha - the merchandise store owned by The Lucha Brothers - later revealed Fenix only suffered a dislocation. 

In an update, Fenix has issued a statement thanking fans for their support and the luchador confirmed he didn't suffer any broken bones, although he is set to visit a doctor for an exact diagnosis. 

Fenix wrote:

"I want to thank each and every one of you for so much love, for your prayers, good vibes, for your messages. Thank you very much for being concerned about me. I feel very blessed to have all of you. Fans, colleagues (Wrestlers) my friends and my family, Thank you very much.

I love this sport so much that it has changed my life and mine, that when I am in the ring or put on my mask, everything goes away. There are no fears, there are no problems, my heart beats perfectly, everything is fine, I feel alive.

What happened last night is one of the many risks that we wrestlers take before getting into a ring and doing what we love so much. 

There is no fault, it is wrestling and these are the risks.

Today I can tell you that I feel better and that thank God, your prayers and good vibes THERE ARE NO BROKEN BONES. You still have to visit the doctor a couple more times and do some studies, to have an exact diagnosis.

Thank you very much once again to all and congratulations to the champions, enjoy and defend those titles, because very soon I am back and those championships belong to the LUCHA BROTHERS. I respect!

Thank you all, I love you."

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