Rey Mysterio: I Dropped The Ball On Promos During My WWE World Heavyweight Title Run

Mysterio held the World Heavyweight Title in 2006

Rey Mysterio believes his failure to work on his promos ultimately reflected poorly on his run as World Heavyweight Champion.

Mysterio won the Title at WrestleMania 22 before dropping the strap to King Booker a few months later. While Mysterio's in-ring work was very good at the time, the master of the 619 struggled to connect with the crowd during promos; something that is vital for a World Champion on WWE television.

Reflecting on the situation 15 years on, Mysterio believes he 'dropped the ball'.

Speaking to Kurt Angle on the Kurt Angle Show, Mysterio reflected: "I never took the time to work on what I needed to work on in order to back that title up and that was working on my promos or character development.

"In lucha, you were never taught that part of this industry. I think that's where I dropped the ball, tremendously, on not being able to backup having the title and being able to cut promos. I've never really been a promo guy. I do most of my talking inside the ring and that's what fans know me for.

"If I had done my end of the job, the outcome would have been different."

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