Rey Mysterio: It Probably Would Have Been Good if Dominik & I Were Split Up In the WWE Draft

The duo were sent to Raw

Rey Mysterio believes it might have actually been a good thing if WWE had decided to split him and son Dominik up during the 2021 Draft.

Dominik and Rey have teamed together since Dom's debut last year, winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships in May 2021. The duo were switched to Monday Night Raw in the recent draft, with each participating in separate matches on this week's show.

Having told a story on SmackDown recently about Dominik searching for some independence from his father, Rey believes actually splitting up the father-son tag team could have worked and might have even been a good thing for them.

Speaking to Graham Matthews of Bleacher Report, Rey said: "That was definitely up to destiny. We did talk about [the possibility of being split up]. I said, 'If we eventually get split up, then it was meant to be. You go your way, I'll go mine.'

"At the same time, it would've given my son some independence to grow on his own. Pretty much the story we were telling right before we got drafted to Raw. It was in the back of our minds, but it wasn't anything we were worrying about. If anything, it probably would have been good. It's a change.

"I've been enjoying every moment that I've gotten to step in the ring with my son in the ring and backstage. Just interacting [with him] has been incredible. It has been almost a rebirth of my career. I see him and I go back and think of my first baby steps in this industry. I've been enjoying it to the fullest.

"With the story, hopefully, since Sami [Zayn] is staying on SmackDown, if we do cross paths again, then we'll bring it back up. But I'm hoping with this draft over to Raw that we get a fresh, new start, and we start looking at some opponents to face."

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