Rey Mysterio Willing To Put His Mask On The Line Against Dominik Mysterio

Rey Mysterio wants to put his mask on the line against his son

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio have been feuding off and on for the last two years, with the father and son battling it out at WrestleMania at the 39 & 40 shows consecutively. 

Mysterio hasn’t made it a secret that he is looking to hang up the boots in the near future following several decades in the business, and if all goes to plan he is interested in his own son being the one to retire him. When speaking to CBS Sports, Mysterio said that in a perfect world, it would not only be Dominik to retire him, but he would also put his mask on the line. 

"The perfect scenario is that Dom would be the right person. And not necessarily to retire me but put what matters most to me on the line and that's my mask. It's something I'd be willing to do."

Mysterio has been complimentary of his son’s work in recent times, also noting in the interview that Dominik is figuring things out just fine on his own and doing well to get over. In another recent interview, the Hall Of Famer noted that it was the right call to split up their tag team and allow Dominik to build his own legacy.

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Written by Andrew Kelly