Rhino Recalls Being Found Drunk By WWE's Stephanie McMahon

The Man-Beast also touches on his friendship with the Billion Dollar Princess.

IMPACT Wrestling's Rhino recently appeared on an episode of Talk'N Shop, and discussed a particular incident during his WWE career involving Stephanie McMahon:

"She caught me drunk one time. I was wasted. This was like '04. [...] I started drinking and almost finished a fifth, and I didn't drink at the time, so I'm just wasted. We're leaving, I'm riding with Christian and we had a late flight. It was an afternoon show. I don't why, but I was throwing waters in my bag - I couldn't take them on the plane but I was just throwing them in the bag and staggering. 

"[Stephanie] comes up and is like 'Rhino, are you okay?' She wanted to make sure I wasn't pilled up; you could smell the alcohol on me. [...] I think it's because we developed that friendship [WWE] didn't say anything to me. I wanted to make sure she knew [Christian] was driving. It was cool." 

To give further context, Rhino elaborated on the friendship he and Stephanie shared. He explained it began in 2001 when she was managing him during the Invasion angle, and that he would ask her about Andre the Giant. 

Rhino also claims that she asked him not to mention ECW by name during promos in the aftermath of the Invasion, explaining 'we're trying to get away from that.'

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