Rhino Reveals How Long He Plans To Keep Wrestling

Former ECW Champion Rhino is eyeing the end of his wrestling career

With over 27 years in the pro wrestling industry, Rhino is starting to eye the end of his in-ring career, with the former ECW Champion still plying his trade in IMPACT Wrestling.

A feature of the Attitude Era and beyond, Rhino has had a storied championship filled career, and during an appearance Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo, ‘The Man-Beast’ detailed his plans going forward:

“God willing, I can have five more years in the wrestling business. I want to slowly taper off, and then move more to the behind-the-scenes as a producer and stuff. You know, so that's the thing,” Rhino said. “A compass will always tell you to go north, but it doesn't tell you the hills and valleys and lakes and ponds and all that. So you have to go around it. So my goal is five years, and then slowly and then work, go around the hills and valleys and stuff and get to that point, and along the way work with people and try to help boost their careers and, and help get them on the journey or the path, that they're supposed to take.”

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