Ric Flair Says He Wants "To Die In The Limelight"

Ric Flair responds to Dutch Mantell

Ric Flair has admitted he wants to "die in the limelight."

The 16-time world champion revealed in recent weeks that he suffered a legitimate heart attack during his last match in the Summer of 2022. Flair previously admitted to passing out during the match, which he believed was due to dehydration, only for the 75-year-old to be told in 2023 that he suffered a heart attack, which is why he lost consciousness. 

Dutch Mantell commented on the situation on his podcast, saying: "He could have very well died in that match, but you know then I got to thinking, 'Where else would he want to be if he died?' I think he'd want to be in the wrestling ring with people around and so he'd be still be the centre of attention after death so I don't know."

Flair has since responded to Mantell's comments, saying he "does want to die in the limelight."

"Dutch, I'm So Happy To Admit That I Agree With Every Comment You Made About Me. I Was Lucky To Not Die Of A Heart Attack In The Ring During My Last Match. But You're Right, I Do Want To Die In The Limelight. I've Been In It Since I Was 15 Years Old. I'm 75 years Old Now, Still In The Limelight And Still The Main Event! Jesal Popat MD Was The Doctor Who Diagnosed Me With The Heart Attack. Most Credible Heart Surgeon In Tampa! FYI - It's A Bitch Being The Star!" Flair wrote on X (FKA Twitter). 

Mantell has since replied, telling Flair its a free country: "Ric...Glad you agree with me but if you want to die in a ring, then so be it. Free will free country. So you'll be assured that you'll die the STAR although in many fans eyes, a very stupid one. Thanks for the pub...stay out of pizza joints. More on my podcast."

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