Rick Boogs Pitched An 'Art Von Boogs' WWE Gimmick

Almost a french painter

Rick Boogs has revealed he once pitched to be a French painter named 'Art Von Boogs' in WWE. The company ultimately rejected the idea, though, and Boogs thinks "they thought it was a little too out there."

Boogs made his main roster debut as Shinsuke Nakamura's guitarist earlier this year and Rick spoke on After The Bell about how he planned to just be wild with the character.

"I think that's what it was, just taking the chains off. I'm just going to be wild. I was new with it all and I didn't know how to approach it at first. Once I lost everything and had surgery and couldn't train, it was like, maybe I'll get released if I don't become a character. What else can you do at that point? I figured I would go as big as I can with the character stuff. I was cutting wild promos, man. Art Von Boogs I pitched. I threw everything against the wall, every week I was coming up with something different," Boogs revealed.

"I was a painter, the overalls and the jean overalls all stems from Art Von Boogs. A French beret, I was really about my doodles. Kind of like Dexter Lumis, he does a sketch but I was kind of the same idea. When I'd cut promos, I would draw the promos, I would draw the opponents, I would draw anything. And it was crazy drawings. That's the thing, anyone can draw. I would connect the dots, draw half-man, half chicken. I would have it all come full circle and I would explain it. I loved the Art Von Boogs gimmick, but I think they thought it was a little too out there."

H/T to Wrestling Inc.

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