Ricky Starks Sees Himself As AEW's Next Breakout Star

Absolute wants to take the next step towards superstardom

There’s plenty of talk about who the next breakout star of AEW will be. Could it be Sammy Guevara? Powerhouse Hobbs? Well if you ask FTW Champion Ricky Starks, then the answer is Ricky Starks.

During an interview with WrestleTalk, Starks was asked about the AEW locker-room, and those waiting to breakout, replying:

“I do see myself as the next to step up, I’m just being frank with you. There’s a lot of times where guys complain about their position and things like that, and they haven’t really made sure that they’ve tidied up other areas of their department that should have been tidied up a long time ago.

“But for me, I do feel like when I look at everything, after coming back from the neck injury, making sure that I’m in good shape, making sure that I’m mentally in good shape, promos, the in-ring stuff, all of that, I do feel like that I am the next one to step up. If not me, then I would definitely say someone like Sammy [Guevara]. But, yeah, to answer that as bluntly as I can, it definitely would be [me].”

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