Ricochet Written Off WWE TV On Raw

Ricochet gone from WWE TV following Raw angle

Ricochet is officially gone from WWE TV.

It emerged over the weekend that Ricochet had reportedly given his notice to WWE that he wouldn't be renewing his contract with the company, which is believed to expire at some point in the first half of the Summer. The former Intercontinental Champion has since been written off WWE TV on the June 10 episode of Monday Night Raw. 

Ricochet initially appeared on the show to save Ilja Dragunov from a post-match attack by Bron Breakker. Ricochet then helped Dragunov backstage, only for the former NXT Champion to be speared into oblivion by Bron Breakker. This led to a brawl between Ricochet and Breakker and Bron ultimately gained the upper hand after he launched Ricochet into the side of a production truck, akin to Kevin Nash throwing Rey Mysterio in WCW. 

Breakker then hoisted Ricochet up the steps at the back of the production truck and proceeded to put him through a car windshield below with a Powerslam. Ricochet was later shown lying on a stretcher as he was placed in the back of an ambulance and driven away with fiancée and Raw ring announcer Samantha Irvin at his side. 

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that unless Ricochet does a 180 on his decision to leave WWE, his run with the company ended on the June 10 episode of Raw. WWE plans to write Ricochet off TV through a backstage attack from Bron Breakker had been in the works since Thursday. 

There has been no official confirmation of Ricochet's next destination but WWE, according to reports, expect the former United States Champion to join All Elite Wrestling

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