Road Dogg Addresses If He Was Released By WWE For Being A Triple H Guy

Road Dogg discusses the circumstances of his WWE release.

Road Dogg recently spoke to Inside the Ropes about several topics, notably the reason for his WWE release in January. 

Road Dogg was one of several non-wrestler releases, including brother Scott Armstrong and William Regal (who is now managing the Blackpool Combat Club in AEW.)

In the aftermath of the releases, reports emerged suggesting that some of the releases were let go due to their status as "Triple H guys", with NXT undergoing a rebrand and stripping away many of the signature elements of Triple H's time in charge. 

On this notion, Road Dogg told Inside the Ropes:

“In every conspiracy theory there’s a wrinkle of truth, right? I don’t think that’s the case. I think what they did, it’s business. So because I have been on the business side of this business for the past ten years, I look at it differently than I would have looked at it from ‘the boys’ perspective.

"The fact that they cut me and my brother and 13 others that day, from a business [perspective], you just saved yourself probably $5-10 million in a year. So from a business perspective ‘Hey, we gotta trim some fat down there.’ Now, if by trimming that fat my name came into play because I was a Hunter guy, I can’t speak to that. And I don’t think that would be the case.

"I think it would be, ‘We got to get rid of a bunch of people. These are the people that are making the most money, to be quite honest with you, but how else do we trim the fat?'"

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