Road Dogg Comments On Struggling To Work With Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn had a habit of questioning everything

Former WWE producer Brian 'Road Dogg' James was the guest on this week's Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw and spoke about the difficulty he had working with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. 

While discussing his six-week tenure as a backstage 'agent' (or producer), co-host JBL noted that Sami was the reason he quit the role, saying: 

"I lasted six weeks as an agent. I walked in and said, 'I will not be doing this anymore'. I love Sami. I think his character is great. But I was his agent and everything was questioned. Everything".

James interjected, noting that Zayn's compatriot Kevin Owens was the same, saying: 

"Kevin (Owens) is the same way. Every single thing needs to be talked out and talked about a lot, and I'm talking about from the reversal of an Irish Whip to, well now do you put your feet here? I would always just say, 'You all put something together and come back to me', because I wasn't going to sit there and debate because that will do it. Sami Zayn will do it, but he's the nicest guy in the world".

JBL agreed that Sami is indeed very nice, but that the experience of working with him in this capacity forced him to tell Talent Relations head John Laurinaitis that he wanted to quit as an agent and return to doing commentary only. 

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