Road Dogg Reveals He Had Serious Arguments Over AJ Styles With Vince McMahon

Road Dogg and Vince McMahon clashed over AJ Styles in WWE

We often heard stories about Vince McMahon not wanting to push outside stars who he didn’t create - despite often doing the opposite in the 1980s.

One such name that Vince didn’t initially push was aJ Styles, with the massively popular multi-time world champion coming into WWE in 2016 after a career defining run across NJPW and ROH. Former WWE producer Road Dogg revealed on AdFreeShows that he had to fight McMahon over Styles in WWE:

“He didn’t know who AJ was and he didn’t know what he was capable of, and I did. Me pitching him in that way just made him dig in deeper, so we had some serious arguments over AJ Styles,” said Road Dogg.

McMahon would eventually see the light, with Styles eventually having two reigns as WWE Champion, and became the first man in wrestling history to win the Grand Slam in both WWE and TNA/IMPACT. McMahon was later rumoured to have said he wished he had signed Styles 10 years earlier than he did.

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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