Road Dogg Reveals Regrets On "Rusev Day"

Road Dogg wishes Rusev Day was handled differently

Former six-time WWE Tag Team Champion Road Dogg was previously a part of the SmackDown creative team, and he was present when the Rusev Day phenomenon took off. AEW’s Miro, formerly Rusev, managed to get over a gimmick in which every day was “Rusev Day”, and the silliness of it connected with the WWE Universe, and he became one of the most over acts in the company.

Like many naturally popular wrestlers over the years, WWE decided to ignore it, deeming it as just a phase and something which the fans didn’t actually take seriously. Despite bad booking, fans kept on pushing with their love until WWE decided to suck the life out of the gimmick. Road Dogg recently spoke on this during his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, explaining how he wished things had been handled differently, and compared it to how WWE has handled the popularity of LA Knight far better. 

"I always like to say it’s the opposite of, my only point of reference is me and my history, it’s the opposite of Rusev Day. It’s something that’s caught on and they’re running with it instead of something that caught on and they didn’t run with it, even if it would have been where it caught on for six months and they printed shirts and they printed money with him. I just feel like that’s one of the things I look back on and I say, ‘Man, I wish that would have been different’, but to me, what I see is progress in the way it’s being handled today. It’s like, oh, they heard it. They see it. It’s undeniable. Get on the surfboard until this son of a gun hits sand.”

He praised WWE for not dropping the ball with LA Knight and instead backing him in recent months.

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