Road Dogg Thinks CM Punk Returning To WWE 'Would Move The Needle In A Big Way'

Road Dogg would have Punk back ahead of others.

While Brian 'Road Dogg' James believes WWE's roster is currently stacked enough, he admits that the return of CM Punk would be good for business. 

Asked about what non-WWE talents he would sign during a recent edition of his Oh...You Didn't Know podcast, James said:

"I immediately start thinking about who is the most marketable guy out there. And I don't see anyone that, like, you have to have. Punk coming back would move the needle in a big way. I don't know how relationships are with that...but that would move the needle. So, if I had to say somebody, it would be him, but I would only say him from a controversial my mind anyway, I think he's a controversial figure at this point — and I think that's good for business"

Pressed whether talents like FTR, the Young Bucks or Matt Cardona (FKA Zack Ryder) would likewise move the needle, the 54-year-old responded: 

"If FTR came back, you'd hear on the internet how great it was, [but] I'm not sure the ratings would move. With Punk, it's a little [different] — I believe he's above them. If I had to grab somebody, it'd be Punk. Look, if I had to get FTR back, I'd get them back in a heartbeat, too, because they're a great tag team and will shore up our tag team division. But, I'd go for Punk — I'm not going for those guys and the same thing with Young Bucks"

James noted that, while he admired Nick and Matt Jackson for their ability, he wouldn't necessarily pay to see them perform. 

On the subject of Punk, James has previously claimed that he was "relatively confident" he could have beaten the Straight-Edge Superstar in a fight, had things come to blows when they worked together in WWE almost a decade ago. 

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