Rob Van Dam Reveals "Greatest Secret In The Business" He Received Upon Winning The WWE Title

RVD didn't realise winning the big one would result in comforting perk.

Becoming WWE Champion came with unknown perks for Rob Van Dam. 

During a recent edition of his 1 Of A Kind With RVD podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer noted that he learned an industry secret after he defeated John Cena to bag the big prize at ECW One Night Stand 2006. 

"The greatest secret in the business - I never, ever, ever heard this. Ever. Only did I experience it first-hand, and people don't talk about it really. So maybe it's not meant to be talked about. F**k, look at me, running my mouth like a f***ing rat.

"But anyway, when I got the WWE Championship belt, then all of a sudden I got bumped up to first class. And if it was an airplane that didn't have first class available because the airplane was too small or whatever, they would literally buy two seats and I'd have the seat next to me open and they were both mine. I had never heard that, so I was like, 'Woah,'" he said.

The 52-year-old went on to note that Rey Mysterio had a similar experience after he won the World Heavyweight Title for the first time. 

WWE Superstars (apart from a select few established main eventers) would typically fly in coach. WWE did book talent in first class for long-haul overseas trips and would occasionally charter a private jet.

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