Rob Van Dam Reveals When He Felt Insulted By Triple H

Rob Van Dam speaks about a time in WWE he felt 'insulted' by Triple H.

Speaking on his 1 Of A Kind podcast, Rob Van Dam has revealed a time he felt insulted by Triple H in WWE. He explained:

"I was asked about this like a year or two ago. Otherwise I would have forgot because it’s a really faint memory. But sometime, and this would have been before 2004, I think it was Hunter offered [...] to help me with my promos. I think I was insulted by that. My ego and competitiveness made me feel like he was saying I couldn’t talk, and I was like, 'I don’t want to talk like him. I’m RVD, he just don’t get me.’

“It was hard to draw the line between being true to myself and doing the job [...] ‘Produce this. We need you to say this. Boom, Say it.’"

In the same podcast episode, Van Dam also admitted that he could have perhaps helped himself more during his time in WWE if he'd been more willing to suggest changes and ideas of his own. 

“I mean, I could have taken more control if I would have had ideas, if I would have been inspired to look at their script and then make it my own. But that wasn’t something they I’ve ever really been good at, faking an interest in something. Now, I could probably fake it as an actor. But back then, it was more like I was myself."

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