ROH Supercard of Honor 2022 Results

All the results as ROH returns with Supercard of Honor

The second era of honor began as Supercard of Honor XV kicked off the new Ring of Honor in a night of title changes, surprises, and exciting glimpses into the future of the most important independent wrestling organisation of the 21st century.

Colt Cabana def. Blake Christian - Zero Hour pre-show

An ROH homecoming for Colt Cabana as the Dark Order member went one-on-one with Blake Christian who was making his ROH debut. Colt showboated and busted out the World of Sport playbook, as ‘All Heart’ kept up with the other ‘Second City Saint’, hitting a ridiculous Fosbury flop into a reverse DDT on the outside. Eventually Christian went to the well one too many times, as Cabana caught him with a Chicago Skyline for the win.

A.Q.A. def. Miranda Alize - Zero Hour pre-show

A slow start by both competitors as they felt each other out, but it soon gave way to some flowing counter wrestling as both wrestlers sought to gain the upper hand. AQA got the first major beats, but Alize soon took firm control of the bout with a series of high impact kicks in the corner, leaving a nasty burn under AQA’s eye. AQA fired back using her speed to get back into the bout, withstanding a ripcord cutter and Crossface combo to get the win with a clean Shooting Star Press.

We cut backstage to hear from The Foundation as they talked up their individual title defences.

A reunited Shinobi Shadow Squad (Eli Isom and Cheeseburger) made their way to the ring, before the legendary Tully Blanchard introduced his newest clients - The Gates of Agony; Kaun and Toa Liona.

Gates of Agony def. Shinobi Shadow Squad - Zero Hour pre-show

Kaun disrespected the Code of Honor as he and Toa rushed Cheeseburger. Eli Isom was next to eat a beating, before Toa again flattened Cheeseburger. Big Samoan Spike by Toa on Isom for the three in a quick dominant display.

Tully took the mic to put over his new charges, before saying it’s only a matter of time before we meet the third member of Tully Blanchard Enterprises.

Dalton Castle def. Joe Hendry - Zero Hour pre-show

Traditional heartfelt intro from the former ‘Local Hero’ before the former ROH World Champion Dalton Castle made his long awaited return, flanked by his baby chickens.

Hendry refused the Code of Honor before the two locked up. Hendry won the opening exchanges, but Castle came back strong. However, this only fired Hendry up, who deadlift scoop slammed Castle to the floor, working over Castle’s famously bad back. Never write a Peacock off though, as Castle fired back whilst the baby chickens spurred him on from ringside. Castle and Hendry went back and forth with a plethora of lovely amateur style throws and suplexes, but it was Castle’s night, as he hit the Bangarang for the win.

Backstage, Chavo Guerrero and Bandido hyped up tonight’s main event, with Chavo saying he was here because he works for himself and for Bandido and he will help him reclaim his place at the top by any means necessary. However, Bandido told Chavo he wanted to win without cheating.

Swerve Strickland def. Alex Zayne

Big reaction for Swerve as the crowd got firmly behind the recent AEW signee, but it didn’t sike out Zayne, who matched Swerve’s athleticism and speed. Swerve had Zayne’s number though, nailing a nasty rope hung avalanche TKO to take control of the bout. Zayne fought back though, determined not to lose to an outsider from AEW, hitting a series of high octane attacks, but followed by mocking covers. This only fired up Swerve, who worked Zayne’s knee to limit his aerial output, but this didn’t stop the ‘Human highlight Reel’ from hitting a ridiculous poison Frankensteiner off the apron to the floor, following up with a Shooting Star knee strike to the back of Swerve’s head. Swerve fired back with a rolling flatliner and a big Swerve Stomp for a nearfall, before nailing the JML Driver for the win.

Brian Cage def. Ninja Mack

Ninja Mack made a spirited entrance after a viral performance worthy weekend, but it was time for Tully Blanchard to introduce the next member of TBE - ‘The Machine’ Brian Cage.

Mack went to rush Cage with a Sasuke Special, but Cage caught him in mid-air and planted him into the apron. Ninja Mack peppered Cage with a few strikes, but to little effect, as Cage manhandled the high flier with a series of huge biels and suplexes. Mack went for the capoeira spinkick, but Cage caught him mid air, planted him, then hit the Drillclaw for the dominant win.

The Gates of Agony joined Cage and Tully in the ring, as Tully Blanchard Enterprises stood tall.

Jay Lethal def. Lee Moriarty

A match billed as the past vs. the future, as ‘The Franchise of ROH’ Jay Lethal took on ‘Taiga Style’ Lee Moriarty, flanked by an injured Matt Sydal.

As expected, this was a heavily technical affair, with Lethal looking to get back to winning ways after a series of high profile losses in AEW. Moriarty frustrated the former ROH World Champion in the opening exchanges, with Lethal slapping the ringmat in anger after being caught out one too many times. Moriarty enjoyed spells in control of the bout, but Lethal is the franchise for a reason, and soon cut Moriarty down to size.

Lethal hit two of his patented trifecta of tope suicidas, with Moriarty cutting off the third and hitting one of his own, despite his knee being damaged from Lethal’s targeted attacks. Lethal kept control and worked Moriarty’s knee some more, getting a nearfall from a Lethal Combination, then peppering Moriarty with several superkicks, and a cutter, but a Macho Man elbow was countered into a cradle for a two. Moriarty was fired up, hitting several different pinning attempts as Lethal looked to put him away, but Lethal grew even more frustrated, and when the ref’s back was turned he hit a low blow and a Lethal Injection to steal the winner, but looked disgusted with himself for cheating his way to a win.

Post-match Lethal snapped and kicked Matt Sydal’s crutch away and beat on him, before Sonjay Dutt ran down to talk some sense into his long-time friend.

Mercedes Martinez def. Willow Nightingale - Interim ROH Women’s World Championship

After falling to Rok-C in an ROH Women's World Title match at Final Battle 2021, Willow Nightingale was determined to go one better in singles action with the veteran Mercedes Martinez.

Martinez wanted to out strike and outmuscle Willow, but don’t be fooled by Willow’s cheery exterior, as she refused to stay down, thwarting a Butterfly Three Amigos attempt, and absorbing everything Martinez threw at her. Willow withstood more of Mercedes’ attacks, before getting a foothold in the match after a couple of superkicks, before taking Mercedes down again with a Nigel McGuinness Jawbreaker lariat. A massive Saito Suplex and an Air Raid Crash got a two for Martinez, but this only fired Willow up who sent Mercedes flying with a big Pounce. Martinez didn’t stay down, nailing the O.G. Drop for a two, but as Mercedes went for a follow-up avalanche German Suplex, Willow elbowed her way out, hitting a running butt bump and a huge Moonsault for a close two.

Mercedes fired back, and locked in a surfboard Dragon Sleeper for the win, and the interim title.

FTR def. The Briscoes (c) - ROH World Tag Team Championships

Big fight feel as FTR and The Briscoes finally face off in front of a raucous crowd. The ‘Top Guys’ refused the code of honor, as Cash Wheeler started out with Mark Briscoe. This started fast and frenetic, as the crowd were split down the middle. Dax Harwood and Jay Briscoe eventually came face to face, with Harwood spitting at Briscoe in a very dishonourable move. The Briscoes enjoyed the better of the opening exchanges, with ‘Dem Boys’ showing why they are 11-time ROH World Tag team Champions and ROH Hall of Famers. A frustrated Dax Harwood threw a chair into the ring, but referee Paul Turner expertly caught it, before FTR regrouped in their corner.

The tide started turning in the AAA Tag Champions’ favour, as FTR made quick tags to keep Mark Briscoe isolated, with Dax coming out on top in a strike-off with the younger Briscoe. It wasn’t long until The Briscoes found their groove, hitting FTR with a whirlwind of offence, as Jay took out FTR with a tope con hilo before this descended into a full-on brawl around the ringside area. FTR busted Jay Briscoe open with a catapult into the underside of the timekeeper’s table, giving the ‘Top Guys’ a target for their fist based offence.

FTR isolated and antagonised Jay Briscoe, flipping him the bird whilst exclaiming they were “tag team wrestling”, but Jay got the hot tag to Mark, who dished out some Redneck kung-fu and a uranage to Dax to turn the tide in ‘Dem Boys’ favour. Mark avoided a Spike Piledriver, and The Briscoes came close with a Redneck Boogie. FTR got a close two after a tandem sit-out powerbomb superfly splash combo, as a bleeding Harwood looked furious. The Briscoes got a two-and-three-quarters count with a Big Rig, before Jay hit a ridiculous apron suplex to the floor on Dax Harwood. Doctors attended to all four men before the match continued, with Mark Briscoe nailing a ridiculous corkscrew moonsault onto Cash on the outside, then a big elbow to Dax on the inside for a nearfall. The Briscoes went for a Doomsday Device, but FTR fought out and hit a Big Rig on Mark Briscoe for the win and the titles.

Cary Silkin was on hand to present the new champions with the titles, as FTR laid the belts at Jay and Mark’s feet and bowed to them in a mark of respect. As The Briscoes soaked up the adulation of the crowd ahead of an uncertain future, The Young Bucks made their return to ROH, hitting a Superkick Party and BTE Trigger on Dem Boys, before FTR chased the Jacksons out of town. FTR threw down a challenge to The Bucks right there and then, but The Jacksons said they'd see them Wednesday on AEW Dynamite.

Minoru Suzuki def. Rhett Titus (c) - ROH World Television Championship

KAZE NI NARE. Minoru Suzuki is in the house, and in no mood to play nice, kicking away Rhett Titus’ hand for the Code of Honor. Titus wasn’t intimidated, with The Foundation member sparring with the legendary ‘King of Pancrase’. However, Suzuki quickly took control of the bout, employing all manner of submission manoeuvres to keep Titus at bay. Rhett fired back with a series of stiff forearms and a gorgeous belly-to-belly, but he couldn’t keep Suzuki down. Suzuki went for the Gotch style piledriver to no avail, allowing Rhett to hit the patented KO dropkick… but could he only get a two count.

Suzuki quickly fired back with a Sleeper and the Gotch Style Piledriver to get the three and leave with the gold, with The Foundation sitting at 0-1 for the night.

Wheeler Yuta def. Josh Woods (c) - ROH Pure Championship

Judges BJ Whitmer, Christopher Daniels, and Colt Cabana were ringside as Wheeler Yuta stepped into the biggest match of his career as he took on Pure Champion Josh Woods. Woods forced Yuta to use one of his rope breaks mere moments into the match, and Yuta needed to use all his knowhow to overcome the champ. The two employed technical mat base counter wrestling in order to get ahead in the bout, with Woods eventually forcing Yuta to use his second ropebreak after five minutes of action. Yuta slugged Woods with a stiff Regal-eque slap, and used it as a springboard to get a foothold in the match, taunting the champ as he had him in a leglock, forcing Woods to use his first ropebreak.

Yuta and Woods exchanged standing strikes in the middle of the ring, with Yuta building up a head of steam and rocking the champ with a top rope flying forearm and follow-up tope suicida. Yuta went up top once more, but Woods was ready, taking out the youngster with a stiff double knee strike. Woods followed with a big release German suplex, then hit Yuta with a spiral suplex into the turnbuckles for a nearfall, Yuta using his third and final ropebreak. Yuta rocked back with the Danielson elbow strikes to get the shock win out of nowhere. Woods presented Yuta with the belt, as The Foundation went 0-2.

Jonathan Gresham (c) def. Bandido (c) - Winner Takes All Match for the Undisputed ROH World Championship

Main event time, but things got off to a shaky start, as Chavo Guerrero instructed Bandido to ignore the Code of Honor, a request Bandido ignored.

The crowd were split down the middle as the two champs locked up, with loud ‘EDDIE’ chants aimed at Chavo at ringside. Gresham and Bandido went back-and-forth in order to establish dominance, with Gresham inching ahead in the opening exchanges, even toying with the lineal ROH World Champion. Bandido soon found his groove, taking Gresham to the mat and locking in the Surfboard, which Gresham reversed into a pinning predicament.

This was a catch-as-catch-can affair, with both men using a variety of holds to try and get control, before Bandido hit a wild top rope corkscrew and deadlift delayed vertical suplex, keeping Gresham in the air for over a minute in an incredible display of strength. Gresham soon dug deep and rocked Bandido with a series of strikes, and a trio of German suplexes for a close two. With Bandido in the centre of the ring Gresham locked in the Octopus Stretch, but Bandido fell into the ropes after receiving several hammer blows to the jaw. 

Gresham went for a body press onto the floor, but Chavo pushed Bandido to safety, before the champs engaged in a strike-off in the middle of the ring, Bandido coming close with a Shining Wizard. The two became more grizzled with each nearfall, as this became a war of attrition, with Chavo nailing Gresham with the title as the ref was distracted. Bandido was incensed and insisted referee Paul Turner send Chavo to the back. Bandido hit a gorgeous pop-up cutter for a close two, with Gresham fighting out of the 21 Plex. Bandido fired up with a Fosbury Flop and an X-Knee, before nailing the 21 Plex… for a two as Gresham somehow kicked out. 

With ‘The Octopus’ out on his feet Bandido went for the kill, but Gresham played possum, nailing a springboard moonsault before locking in a pin to become the Undisputed ROH World Champion, as Cary Silkin presented the champ with both belts.

As Gresham was giving a celebratory speech, Gresham’s mentor Jay Lethal came out to demand the first title shot, losing his cool as Gresham said how he was disgusted at Lethal’s recent conduct. Sonjay Dutt came out to calm Lethal again, but the pair beat down Gresham and Lee Moriarty who came out to try and make the save.

But then a reckoning came, as Samoa Joe made his return to Ring of Honor to a huge ovation, staring down his one-time protege before choking Dutt out, and raising the hands of Gresham and Moriarty as Supercard of Honor went off the air.

Full results:

  • Jonathan Gresham (c) def. Bandido (c) - Winner Takes All Match for the Undisputed ROH World Championship
  • Wheeler Yuta def. Josh Woods (c) - ROH Pure Championship
  • Minoru Suzuki def. Rhett Titus (c) - ROH World TV Championship
  • FTR def. The Briscoes (c) - ROH World Tag Team Championships
  • Mercedes Martinez def. Willow Nightingale - Interim ROH Women’s World Championship
  • Jay Lethal def. Lee Moriarty
  • Brian Cage def. Ninja Mack
  • Swerve Strickland def. Alex Zayne
  • Dalton Castle def. Joe Hendry (Zero Hour pre-show)
  • Gates of Agony def. Shinobi Shadow Squad (Zero Hour pre-show)
  • A.Q.A. def. Miranda Alize (Zero Hour pre-show)
  • Colt Cabana def. Blake Christian (Zero Hour pre-show)

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Jonathan Gresham Wins Undisputed ROH World Championship At Supercard Of Honor 2022

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