Roman Reigns: I'm In A Small Group Of WWE Superstars Who Have The It-Factor

Reigns is ready for live crowds to return

Roman Reigns is grateful to be able to always garner a reaction from the live WWE crowd, noting that only a small number of top superstars in the business had the 'it factor' needed to connect with people. 

Reigns, during the ThunderDome era, has turned his WWE character into one of the most compelling ever. The Tribal Chief persona has been the most interesting gimmick Reigns has ever worked as in WWE, with the reaction at WWE WrestleMania 37 showing how well his current iteration is working. 

As WWE prepares to return to live touring and crowds, the Universal Champion knows he is in a very fortunate position.

Speaking to Forbes, Reigns said: "There’s never a time when my music hits, where it’s ‘Oh, I don’t care.’ It’s either ‘I love this guy’ or ‘I hate this guy'. I’ve always been able to really pull on the emotional strings of our crowd. For me, that reaction has always been an incredible strength of mine and it’s always been something I’ve been able to rely on. 

"Yeah, you say you like this person or think this person should be in my position or this person deserves it or they’ve been through a greater journey or more adversity, but when it comes down to it, who makes the crowd louder? I’ve always, always been that guy.

"There’s only a handful of guys in the history of our company and the history of our business that can say they have it, that factor that registers with the people, that makes the people stand up and make noise, and I’m in that group."

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