Roman Reigns Offers Explanation For 'Tap' At WWE Fastlane 2021

Makes sense to me!

Roman Reigns has refuted claims he tapped out to Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane 2021, retorting that he was communicating with Paul Heyman through Morse code. 

Reigns appeared to submit in his Universal Championship match with Bryan at Fastlane last month, lightly tapping his hand against Bryan's while in the 'Yes Lock'. However, without a referee available, the motion was missed, meaning it was not registered as the official finish of the match. 

The reigning champion has since gone on record to say he did not tap out to Bryan and was instead communicating with his Special Counsel Heyman, telling him he was about to end the match. 

When asked about the moment, Reigns told Ariel Helwani's MMA Show: "I told Paul (Heyman), I'm over here hitting Morse code to Paul. He had my mouth covered. We're so like in tune with history and everything, I was Morse coding with him, telling him to fire up a jet.

"That wasn't a tap. And you're from the MMA,, they do (taps his shoulder) - that's a tap, like you can hear the tap. I was just telling Paul, that's all that was."

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