Hulk Hogan Recalls Nearly Missing Raw After WWE WrestleMania 18

"I was the last plane to land at Montreal, they had a snow storm that night."

Hulk Hogan has revealed how he nearly missed the Raw following WWE WrestleMania 18 due to Vince McMahon sending him to get his old ring gear. 

Hogan was involved in a huge match with The Rock at WrestleMania in 2002 which is noted for how the crowd cheered The Hulkster, then a heel, and booed the face Rock. 

It resulted Hogan's full turn back into a good guy, after returning to the WWE in the NWO, something McMahon was keen to capitalise on in the immediate aftermath of WrestleMania 18. 

Hogan has revealed how McMahon would ask him if he had his usual red and yellow ring gear with him, before sending Hogan on his own private plane to collect it from his home in Tampa. 

The Hall Of Famer would then nearly miss the following Raw, after a snow storm almost halted the plane landing in Montreal. 

Speaking on the After The Bell podcast, Hogan said: "My hand was forced. And truth be told, I almost missed the Monday Night RAW in Montreal.

"For whatever reason, if you go back and listen to the crowd, it was 50-50, but as the match wore on, if you really listen to who they were cheering for, it gets a little sketchy.

"I came out of the ring and Vince goes, 'Where's your red and yellow stuff?' I said, 'I don't have it with me.' I said, 'It's in Tampa,' and he goes, 'I'm sending somebody to get it.' I said, 'No, you'll never find it. I've got this crazy 22,000 sq. ft. house, it's packed away, and plus the stuff I need, I got specific (stuff), you just can't grab a pair of yellow boots and tights and a headband. There's stuff that fits me right and doesn't fit me right.

"Vince put me on his Challenger (private jet), I flew back that night, got the red and yellow stuff, and flew back. I was the last plane to land at Montreal, they had a snow storm that night."

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