Roman Reigns Reveals His 'Most Special' WWE Universal Title Defences

Reigns has been champion for well over a year

Roman Reigns has opened up on the WWE Universal Championship defences that mean the most to him.

Reigns has been Universal Champion since August 2020 and is set for his 17th Championship defence on Thursday 21 October at Crown Jewel against Brock Lesnar. The Tribal Chief has seen off some of the biggest names in WWE in keeping the Title, and has now revealed it was his first feud as champion - with cousin Jey Uso - that was the most special to him.

Reigns also has a special memory of his defence against Edge at WWE Money In The Bank 2021.

Speaking to Bleacher Report, Reigns said: "I think to me, personally, I think the most special was the stuff I did with my cousin Jey. I felt more connected to those two matches and that storyline than I’ve ever felt to anything else, and a lot of those promos and stuff like that and the emotion you could see in it were real.

"I think we were able to tap into baggage that we’ve had that we may have never spoke about or thought was an issue like common ground, but it was something we were able to dive into.

“One that’s super special to me as well, outside of the stuff I did with my family because it was so strong with Jey, was the match I had with Edge at Money in the Bank. I believe that was in Fort Worth, the first pay-per-view back.

"I haven’t watched that match back, so I can’t really detail the energy and if it was as loud as it was in the arena, but in the arena, that crowd was live. The timing and the pacing, I’ve seen some critique it and call it a little slow, but that’s what the heavyweights in main events do.

"I’m not going to go out there and sprint around and do flips for no reason. We were following the actual Money in the Bank ladder match, which is just a spot-fest and crazy stunt fest in its own right. To go in there with Edge–everyone knows what he’s done for this business, the experience and the passion that he brings, to go out there and experience that reaction and that story that was being told out there together, it was phenomenal."

Reigns was also asked about his WrestleMania 37 main event with Daniel Bryan and Edge, saying: "When you hear Paul Heyman go in on it and laying down the history of it being the dominant finish in WrestleMania main event history, nobody’s ever stacked two guys in the main event of WrestleMania, and I did that. For me to be able to say I did that is crazy, but I think that’s just recognition and an accolade alone."

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