Ron Simmons Reveals The Origins Of His 'Damn' Catchphrase

It comes from his time in the APA

Ron Simmons has revealed his 'Damn' catchphrase became a thing after fans heard him shouting it in frustration during matches. 

Simmons has become synonymous with the word during his time in WWE, frequently popping up in backstage segments and shouting 'damn', to the joy of fans in attendance and watching at home. 

The legendary former WCW World Heavyweight champion has revealed he started to become associated with the word during his time teaming with Bradshaw in the APA when he - then known as Farooq - could be heard to loudly say it when things had gone wrong in the ring. 

From there, fans would begin saying it back to the 62-year-old, leading to its iconic use in WWE today. 

Speaking on WWE's The Bump, Simmons said: "People always tease me about it, but they never ask me the origins of it. That started when Bradshaw and I were tagging together. When something would go wrong, the people in the first six or seven rows could hear me say, ‘Damn.’ 

"Each time we would go back to those towns, the more I said it, the more people started chanting it. I’d ask Bradshaw, ‘What are they saying?’ He’d say, ‘I think they’re saying Damn because you say that every time something doesn’t go the way you want it to go.’ So, the writers got wind of this, and they said let’s try this.

“So, Booker T and John Cena are having an exchange in Chicago, and they wanted to try this. At the end of the exchange, they wanted me to simply walk out and say, ‘Damn.’ I did, and that was how that was born.”

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