Samoa Joe: John Cena Is Not Given Enough Credit For What He Does In WWE

Joe has a lot of praise for John Cena

Samoa Joe has offered high praise for WWE legend John Cena, saying the 16-time World Champion's work ethic is a genuine inspiration to him and other members of the locker room.

Cena returned to the WWE stage at Money In The Bank last month and has consistently appeared on both Raw, SmackDown and at live events since his return.

Highly regarded as one of the hardest working men in sports entertainment, Joe has backed up those claims and says everything he sees from Cena only proves how hard he works, something the NXT superstar doesn't believe the wrestler-turned-actor is given enough credit for.

Speaking on WWE After The Bell, Joe said: "You know, it's funny, rarely do I call an athlete in our business who is genuinely inspirational as far as their work ethic goes and what they put into (it).

"Throughout the time that I've known John, there's one consistent thing that has always stood out, still stands out to this day - I even talked to guys that worked with him in films, it's very much the case: John is consistently the hardest worker in the room. 

"His attention to detail, how absolutely disciplined he is to the minutiae, the small things. Really emphasizing the right things. He's a cerebral guy. He's not given enough credit."

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