Saraya Wants Fans To Chant Word That Got Her Fined At AEW All In

Saraya wants the AEW All In crowd to chant the word that got her fined

Saraya recently got into some trouble in AEW after saying an expletive live on air. Dynamite & Rampage are no strangers to allowing swear words on live television, though Saraya seemingly went too far with the use of the word ‘twat’ on Dynamite some weeks back, which saw her getting fined. 

When talking to Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Saraya considered using the word again, perhaps even at the All In event from her home country of England when AEW takes over Wembley Stadium in August. 

"Oh they would love it! They’ll be doing this [flipping the V]. Maybe I’ll get a twat chant and I can’t get in trouble. It’s them, not me.”

Saraya went on to reveal how she accidentally said the word again just one week after her fine, though thankfully AEW cameras didn’t pick it up. 

“We were on the ramp walking back, I was arguing with someone like, 'You’re a stupid twat!' I’m like, 'Oh no, I said it again. I don’t think the camera was on me, and thank god because I came back and no one had noticed – even though I’m stooging myself off right now. It wasn’t on TV, leave me alone.” 

It might be a hard thing to get going at first, but it is easy to imagine that the UK crowd would enjoy an excuse to chant the word ‘twat’.

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