Scorpio Sky Addresses His Recent Character Changes In AEW

He attacked Darby Allin after their match on AEW: Dynamite

Scorpio Sky says his recent actions on All Elite Wrestling doesn't mean he's changing his character, just that he's showing and developing a different side. 

Sky, having won The Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match, would challenge Darby Allin for the TNT Title on the March 10 episode of AEW: Dynamite. After losing the match, Sky would attack Allin further, hinting at a potential heel turn. 

Despite his actions, Sky does not believe his recent actions mean a full switch to being a bad guy. The 37-year-old feels people are multifaceted, and he is merely displaying different layers to his personality. 

Speaking on his weekly podcast, Wrestling With the Week, Sky said: "A lot of people I know what they're going to say they're going to say this is like a new me like, ‘Oh I like this new Sky,’ or, ‘I don't like this new Sky,’ but the reality is, it's not a new me. It's just a different side of me that the AEW audience may or may not have had a chance to see in the past. 

"I think everyone has different personalities, people have different moods, and that doesn't mean that I'm changing or being anything else. I’ve said it on the show before, it's cool to be humble but sometimes, you have to let people know. I am actually very tired of people pretending like I'm not one of the best and so sometimes, I’ve got to stand up and say it myself. 

That doesn't mean I'm not going to still be laughing and smiling, you see a lot of that on the show, and having a good time. Then sometimes, I am going to be p*ssed off and I'm going to hurt people and that's just how life is, you know, we're all different, we're all human, and that's how -- it is what it is."

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