Scott D'Amore Talks The Evolution Of The Canadian Destroyer

Scott D'Amore's opinion on the Canadian Destroyer has changed over time.

Scott D'Amore once almost got fired by TNA for refusing to hit the Canadian Destroyer, but he has no issue performing the move in 2023. 

The current TNA President used the move on Jason Hotch at IMPACT Sacrifice 2023, yet his perspective on the Canadian Destroyer was rather different almost twenty years ago. Speaking on What Do You Call It?, D'Amore discussed his shifting mindset: 

"It's funny because I refused to do the Canadian Destroyer on TV for so long. I almost got fired over it back in the day. They wanted me to hit a Canadian Destroyer on AJ Styles on TV and I was like, 'there's no way the fat dopey manager is hitting the coolest move in wrestling.' Back in 2004, 2005, the Canadian Destroyer was magical. Petey was the only guy doing it and people almost didn't know how it was done. Will Ospreay told me the other day that he and his friends would sit there and watch it back over and over again, trying to figure out how it was done.

"To me, you would have ruined that moment if Coach D'Amore had done the Canadian Destroyer. Now, fast forward to 2023, and everyone under the sun has done a Canadian Destroyer. It's not going to be bastardised by me doing it, so to hell with everyone else. I was still a little nervous. It was fun," said D'Amore. 

Cultaholic's own Tom Campbell was recently invited back by D'Amore to provide ring announcing for the promotion's 2024 UK tour.

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