Seth Rollins Calls WWE The "Premier Professional Wrestling Company On The Planet"

Rollins claimed WWE's supremacy while discussing the 'forbidden door'

While reflecting on wrestling Cody Rhodes in The American Nightmare's return match at WrestleMania 38 (Night One), Seth "Freakin" Rollins has called WWE the 'premier professional wrestling company on the planet'. 

Rollins was speaking to The Gorilla Position when he was asked who he would like to see walk through the so-called 'forbidden door' next, responding: 

"Anybody who wants to come work in the big leagues. [Laughs]. I said it to him [At WrestleMania], I've said it before, this is the premier professional wrestling company on the planet. I know, 'don't say professional wrestling', doesn't matter. We have the best in the world and now we have Cody Rhodes on top of that and he is joining that club. If you want to be the best, don't go play rinky-dink, come here, do your thing here. We are the best, top notch, across the board. I'm not taking anything away from anybody else or anywhere else, I love it, do what you do, you guys are tremendous and there are great talents out there, but this is where you are the best. This is where you find out if you can hack it on the top top level. 

Seth closed by saying "The internet is going to be pretty mad at me. They don't like when I say words".

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