Seth Rollins Comments On John Cena's Dean Ambrose Reference On WWE SmackDown

Cena talked about Rollins & Ambrose last week

Seth Rollins has responded to John Cena namedropping him and Dean Ambrose in his promo with Roman Reigns on last week's WWE SmackDown.

Speaking to Reigns ahead of their marquee Universal Championship match at SummerSlam 2021, Cena told The Tribal Chief he had always been protected, referencing Rollins, Ambrose [Jon Moxley] and his time in the Shield.

Cena said: "You haven’t been embarrassed. You’ve been protected. This pretty face. Those giant bars of soap ya got for teeth. You’ve been protected, Roman, you’ve been protected by The Shield. Hell, you almost ruined Seth Rollins. You ran Dean Ambrose out of WWE."

Rollins admits he got a good laugh out of Cena's remarks, saying the 16-time World Champion knows crossing certain lines will help get the audience interested, which ultimately sells ticket.

Speaking to SportsKeeda Wrestling, Rollins said: "I had a good chuckle about it. John likes to cross some lines occasionally if you look at his history of promos in the ring, especially his face-to-face promos heading into big matches. He likes to cross the line.

"He’s gotta do his thing. He wants to use my mouth to fit his narrative. And that’s fine. He can do that. That’s his prerogative. I would do the same thing if I was in his position with his name. That’s the nature of the business. That’s how we sell tickets. And that’s how we get people like you talking.

"So, I appreciate the question but I’m the only one who has Seth Rollins’ fate in his hands, so to speak."

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