Seth Rollins Joins AOP In New WWE Heel Stable

The Architect has had enough of the fans' negativity

Two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins began a heel turn following the red brand's poor performance at Survivor Series. He began the episode with a Town Hall meeting in which he berated the entire Raw locker room. An alliance with the AOP was also teased as they attacked Kevin Owens during the episode.

On last night's episode of Raw, Rollins completed the heel turn and formed a new stable with the former Raw Tag Team champions.

Throughout the broadcast, Kevin Owens was paranoid about being attacked by AOP and carried a lead pipe with him as he searched backstage for the elusive tag team. Eventually, Owens found AOP's car and proceeded to destroy it with his pipe, smashing windows and one of the car's wing mirrors. K.O. then tried to enter the back of the automobile, but was attacked from behind by Akam and Rezar. Once Owens had been sufficiently beaten down, a hooded figure was revealed in the back of the vehicle. The figure then removed their hood, revealing themselves to be Seth Rollins. The former Universal Champion delivered a stomp to Owens, ending his night prematurely.

Having formed his new faction, Rollins made his way to the ringside area to lambaste WWE's fans. He criticised them for booing him as he had done everything right - he turned up to work every week, he gave it his all inside the ring, and yet all he received in return was contempt and derision from the fans.

He said: "What do you want from me? I’ve been asking myself that for a long time now because you and I, we used to get along, we used to see things eye to eye - and then somewhere along the way it all went wrong and I’m trying to figure out why. I did everything right. I don’t take nights off, I fight through injuries. Every single time I walk through that curtain and I get in that ring I lay it all on the line for each and every one of you. And what do I get? I get spit on, I get disrespected and I’m sick of it."

The Architect continued to berate the fans, describing how despite defeating Brock Lesnar twice in 2019 and bringing the Universal Championship back to Raw, it was never good enough for them. Ultimately, their negativity towards him created a self-fulfilling prophecy in which he joined AOP, as they were the only people who understood him.

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