Seth Rollins On AEW - "We're Going To Knock Them Dead Like We Do Everybody Else"

Making his feelings clear...

Former WWE Universal champion Seth Rollins stirred up a bit of controversy last month when he claimed that former Shield-mate and good friend Jon Moxley "...took his ball and he went home, or he went elsewhere at least," in regards to the former Dean Ambrose leaving to work for All Elite Wrestling and New Japan.

In a SummerSlam conference call on Monday, Rollins was once more asked about Moxley and AEW. Rollins initially responded that he was "surprised" by his friend jumping ship, saying, "I knew Ambrose needed some time away from WWE but the thing is, he just loves wrestling, he loves the industry, he just wanted some freedom and do his own thing and that happens, you know?

"And that happens for everybody and I understand his position and why he wanted to go over there and that’s on him."

As far as AEW being competition, and Moxley working for them, Rollins said, "Now he’s competition, now he’s the one trying to take dinner off my table so good on him but we’re going to do our best to continue to be the best here at WWE and those guys want to step up to the big leagues to give it a shot? Then by all means, but we’re going to knock them dead just like we do everybody else.”

(Credit to Post Wrestling for their transcription)

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