Seth Rollins Reveals Why He Despises CM Punk

Seth Rollins thinks CM Punk is selfish

The real life hatred that current World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has for CM Punk has not been a well kept secret over the last few years, with Rollins being very outspoken in his dislike for the “Best in the World”. The true genesis of this has never been entirely clear, though Rollins did shed some light in a recent interview on the SI Media podcast

Rollins stated that a lot of it comes from a personal place, noting the bad things that Punk has said about him in the past such as him being a “bootlicker”, talking down both Rollins and WWE on numerous occasions over the last decade. Rollins delved more into the selfish side of Punk as something he dislikes. 

I just think he’s been really selfish when it comes to his perspective on the industry. I think he’s been extremely self-serving, has played the martyr role to a tee, and has for someone who, when I met the guy, and look, I got a lot of good things to say about parts of my relationship with him. He helped me in places when he didn’t have to; whether that was for his own good or not, I’m not entirely sure, but regardless, it helped me get where I needed to go and do the things I needed to do. And for a guy who, when I met him, kind of made it seem like he was all about giving back to the business. He really turned into a pretty selfish guy and really wanted to take more from the industry.”

Rollins did make a brief comment on Colt Cabana, but refrained from going too much into that situation. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly