Shawn Stasiak Questions Why There Is So Much MEAT Talk Following AEW All Out

Shawn Stasiak has noticed the meat frenzy after AEW All Out

It’s the word on everyone’s lips, as meat has once again become the order of the day after the Miro and Powerhouse Hobbs meaty hoss fight at AEW All Out 2023.

The crowd inside Chicago’s United Center were full of voice for the bout, chanting various meat-based slogans, leading to AEW putting an official ‘meat’ t-shirt up for sale.

All this meat talk hasn’t escaped the attention of Shawn Stasiak, and the man formerly known as ‘Meat’ in the Attitude Era has tweeted about the recent phenomenon:

“Hey @TonyKhan what's up with all this 'MEAT' business? I mean it was nice to 'Meet' you a couple years ago backstage but cmon man....Aged Meat when preserved actually AGELESS!" posted Stasiak alongside a picture of him flexing what can only be described as a meaty bicep.

If All Elite Wrestling follow up on the well-received hoss fight between Hobbs and Miro with more big lad battles, then perhaps we could see Planet Stasiak himself officiating or at the very least getting involved with the big meaty men slapping meat.

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