Shotzi Reveals It Wasn't Her Decision To Get Rid Of The Tank

WWE SmackDown Superstar Shotzi talks about the disappearance of her tank gimmick.

WWE's Shotzi has revealed that it wasn't her decision to ditch her signature tank, during a conversation with Ryan Satin on Out Of Character. She explained:

"That wasn't my decision, but I'm embracing the change because I've been 'the ballsy badass' my entire career - even on the indies I was always looked at as a babyface. It's nice after seven years later to finally change up the character and find something new within me. I think I'm finally grabbing the horns and rolling with it."

Shotzi had previously used the tank throughout her NXT run during entrances and backstage segments, and even occasionally as a weapon, firing projectiles at opponents. Her use of the tank continued on to the main roster in her tag team with Tegan Nox.

However, Shotzi maintains that she's relishing the opportunity to display a different side of her character in her current heel run, stating:

"I'm definitely a little bit of [a bitch] and very manipulative. I'm channelling a lot of people that I interacted with that I did not like, and kind of picking from them."

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