Some WWE Officials Reportedly Believe Tony Khan Is Buying AEW Tickets To Inflate Sales

Surely not

A handful of WWE officials and higher-ups are reportedly in denial about All Elite Wrestling's popularity, instead believing that Tony Khan is buying tickets himself to inflate attendance numbers.

The final count for tickets distributed for WWE Raw at the UBS Arena in Long Island, New York on Monday sits at 5,887. Images of sections with empty seats at WWE's debut show at the Arena were shared on social media.

While the number of tickets for WWE would be considered acceptable in a smaller market, achieving such a low number in New York is a huge hit for the promotion, given the state is considered the company's home city.

In contrast, WrestleTix is reporting that AEW have already distributed 8,568 tickets for their Dynamite show from the very same arena next Wednesday.

With AEW performing better in New York, Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline is reporting that some people backstage in WWE are in denial about how well AEW is actually doing, going so far as to actually believe Tony Khan is purchasing tickets out of his own pocket to make their sales seem even bigger.

Writing on the Wrestling Observer board, Alvarez said: "You will be surely stunned to learn that there are a few people in WWE who believe Tony must be buying up tickets for the AEW show."

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