Sonya Deville Fired As A WWE Official

Sonya Deville lost her authority figure position on last night's Raw.

Sonya Deville lost her onscreen position as a WWE authority figure on last night's episode of Raw.

Deville ignored fellow Raw shot-caller Adam Pearce backstage and headed to the ring, where she was again confronted by Pearce who revealed that she had been fired - but will remain a competitor on the roster. 

Sonya's character has become increasingly corrupt in recent months, feuding with Naomi and putting herself into a title match against Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair. Over the past few weeks, she was said to have been "under investigation" by upper WWE management. 

Pearce's revelation was followed by the announcement that Deville would take on Alexa Bliss immediately, a match she lost in under a minute.

Deville had been an authority figure alongside Pearce on both Raw and SmackDown since early 2021, but has been a wrestling member of the main roster since debuting as part of Paige's Absolution stable in November 2017. It remains to be seen what direction Sonya's character will take now, and whether an elongated feud with Bliss will commence.

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