Soulja Boy & Randy Orton Continue Twitter Rivalry

The two traded yet more barbs on social media

The build to WrestleMania 37 has been intense. Reigns, Bryan, and Edge. Banks and Belair. Lashley and McIntyre. Orton and Soulja Boy.

Yes, The Viper and Soulja Boy have been trading insults on Twitter again, almost a month after their beef ignited.

Round two started when Soulja Boy Tweeted:
“WWE scared of me. And Randy organ pussy. They big cap [cap emoji] use somebody else name for ratings. I knew they was too fake to have me there I’ll slap the s*** out dude live.”

You a bitch @RandyOrton and I mean that [100 emoji] pussy”

Orton soon responded:
“My d*** taller then you. Weighs more too. Go to bed you f****** infant. You’re welcome for the boost. Go choke on a keyboard.”

To which Soulja Boy replied:
“Bro you wear thongs. Leather thongs at that. Stop the cap [cap emoji] my money taller than you. To be real I think you scared of me. All that talk I’ll smack the shit out u [waving hand emoji]” 

While this second verbal attack from Soulja Boy seems to be out of the blue, it may have something to do with Jake Paul’s appearance on SmackDown, with Paul and Soulja Boy also having beefed in the past. In fact, after he Tweeted Orton, Soulja Boy Tweeted the following:
“Still gon knock Jake paul out when I see him. Gotta get that get back for Nate [muscly arm emoji] [fist emoji]”

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