SPOILER: ECW Legend Appears At TNA Tapings

A former ECW name was at TNA's tapings

TNA held two sets of tapings over the weekend at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and there were several surprise appearances. SPOILERS follow, courtesy of PWInsider.

TNA’s set of tapings for episode of iMPACT saw more than one surprise appearance, with the likes of Steph De Lander and Matt Cardona showing up unannounced, with De Lander earning a shot at the TNA Knockouts World Title at Rebellion. They were not the only surprise appearances, as an ECW legend showed up too! 

Former two-time ECW World Tag Team Champion and member of the Full Blooded Italians, Little Guido, made his presence known at the tapings. He appeared to do battle with Alex Hammerstone, losing out to him in a first time ever singles match. Hammerstone continued building momentum with this win after signing with TNA, also continuing to build up to his match with Josh Alexander in a Last Man Standing match at Rebellion 2024. 

Guido has had a few sporadic appearances with TNA over the last couple of years, previously showing up to face Alan Angels back in September last year, and also in 2022 to take on Matt Cardona. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly