Stephanie McMahon Recalls Vince McMahon Saying She'd 'Failed Him' In WWE

"My dad told me that I had failed him and it was a very, very hard, painful lesson..."

Stephanie McMahon has opened up on a time she made a mistake while working in WWE, resulting in her father Vince telling her that she 'had failed him', 

Stephanie has spent all of her professional life working for her father's company and is the current Chief Brand Officer for WWE.

The former WWE Women's Champion has recalled a time when she was micromanaging a particular team which didn't result in the outcome her dad, WWE Chairman McMahon, wanted, causing him to tell his daughter she had let him down.

Speaking on the SBJ I Factor, McMahon said: "I think sometimes when you make mistakes, that's when you grow. Not all the time. You can certainly grow without making mistakes. But I think that there's a lot of positivity when you make a mistake. 

"Because if you own it, first and foremost, you assess it, you study it, you learn why you made the mistake and how to correct it, and you make sure you don't make that mistake again. But I think it could be very painful."

"One key lesson that my father taught me...I was micromanaging. I was doing what I thought was right, I mean, all the best of intentions, but I really was absolutely micromanaging this particular team. My dad told me that I had failed him and it was a very, very hard, painful lesson, especially because he's my father, not just my boss, right?

"To think that I had failed him was something I took on so emotionally and it was painful for me and I think for a lot of people, making mistakes and doing things that you wish you didn't do are painful.

"But you grow from them if you're able to, and it is worth it. It's why I don't have regrets in life. I've made mistakes, don't get me wrong. I've definitely made mistakes. But I think I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't made those mistakes and had the opportunity to learn from them. I think that's just so important."

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