Riddle Heaps Praise On WWE NXT Boss Triple H

Riddle worked with Triple H in NXT

Riddle has hailed the impact of Triple H on WWE and the NXT roster, saying The Game 'has got a great mind for the business'. 

Riddle spent two years with NXT before moving to the main roster in 2020, and has been a success on Monday Night Raw, winning the United States Championship and, most recently, being associated with Randy Orton on the red brand. 

The 35-year-old says he has really enjoyed working with The King Of Kings, revealing how Triple H understood how Riddle was eager to work on the WWE main roster and helping to facilitate it.

Speaking with Sony Sports India, Riddle said: "He is my bro. I feel like Triple H had a lot of bros in NXT because there's a lot of talent there. I feel he built a lot of relationships with talent.

"I love Triple H. The guy has got a great mind for the business and I love NXT but I was trying to get out of NXT and get to the main roster. I wanted to get to WrestleMania, I wanted to get to the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series - I wanted to be on the biggest grandest stage of 'em all.

"So, yeah, I love Triple H. I see him all the time still. He'll help out. He'll be at the RAWs and [he's] a great guy."

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