Steve Maclin Reveals Talks About Working In NJPW

Maclin in NJPW?

Steve Maclin has impressed since joining IMPACT Wrestling in 2021. 

The former WWE Superstar has had high-profile matches for the X-Division Championship and he is currently feuding with Jonathan Gresham over the Original ROH World Title. 

Maclin is open to working in another promotion and he revealed on RJ on Ringside Rant that he has held talks about performing in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. 

"I am signed to IMPACT Wrestling, but it is open to work elsewhere, I would just have to go through IMPACT. I have been in talks to try and get over to New Japan just because that is one of my goals. Obviously, with COVID and all that, once that opens up more over there. We all talk in the locker room and find out what's going on over there and how things are changing and just being patient," Maclin said.

"I'm in no rush, I'm very happy with what I'm doing right now. There's no overexposure. That's one thing in wrestling. A lot of fans, for a long time, were getting that overexposure to wrestlers and you'd see the same guy over and over again. That's one thing I feel wrestling is missing, those attraction guys or being perceived as an attraction. You have to build that match. If you're not seeing that guy or girl wrestling consistently, that makes up for it in the long run."

NJPW and IMPACT Wrestling have been working together since late 2020 and several NJPW talents like Jay White, Satoshi Kojima and Minoru Suzuki have performed inside the IMPACT Zone. Chris Bey, meanwhile, joined Bullet Club last year.

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