'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Reveals His Favourite WWE WrestleMania Moments

Because The Rattlesnake couldn't limit his favourites to just one!

Steve Austin says his matches at WWE WrestleMania 13, 14 and 17 rank as his three favourite outings on 'The Grandest Stage Of Them All'. 

'Stone Cold' has been involved in some of the most memorable moments in WrestleMania history. From his bloody submission match with Bret Hart, to winning his first WWF title, The Rattlesnake is entrenched in WrestleMania folklore. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer could not limit his best WrestleMania moment to just one and had to pick out his three favourite from his immortal career with WWE. 

Speaking with Busted Open Radio with Mark Henry, Austin said: "One of my favourites would have been WrestleMania 13 with Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, passing out in a pool of blood. Because that really — he really made me in that match. And of course, we executed a double turn, which is super rare because it’s not often done. And then to pull off an execute that — takes a lot of talent to do that, and we did. 

"Winning my first title at [WrestleMania] 14 against Shawn Michaels, the greatest in-ring performer in my opinion ever. With the one and only Mike Tyson, who brought all those outside eyeballs to the product.

"And of course I’ve got to go to [WrestleMania] 17 because that was when me and The Rock — you know, 17 was a loaded card, and everyone got off that night. Everyone had a stellar match. And it was a record crowd in the Houston Astrodome, and we ripped it from start to finish. 

"And of course, I turned heel but that’s following The Hardyz and Edge and Christian, the Dudleys doing all that stuff that they did. So those were the three — WrestleMania 13, 14, and 17."

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