'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Told Not To Use Middle Finger Salute At WWE WrestleMania

No flipping the bird for Steve Austin

Along with his famous catchphrases and anti-hero persona, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is famous for flipping the bird on WWE TV, giving his middle-finger salute to the masses and those he shared the squared circle with. 

Austin's middle-finger salute was largely absent from The Texas Rattlesnake's appearances at WrestleMania 38, though, and Pat McAfee revealed on his podcast that is because 'Stone Cold' was told not to flip the bird by WWE producers. 

"He was working on coming out or whatever and we're in a different era now of the WWE than we were then. So I got to watch this dude's entrance with an empty stadium or whatever, you know? He goes right to that top rope f*****g both fingers straight up in the air, right? Straight up in the air, both fingers like this. The old 'ahhh.'" McAfee began.

"He's doing his whole thing and then I see three producers run over and they're like 'can't do that. Can't do that.' So he goes to the next one and he does it again. 'Can't do that.' He was like 'alright.' So he just put his fists up or whatever. So then, as I was watching him, I was wondering 'there is no way he keeps that middle finger down.' Like the middle finger from Steve Austin is coming at some point. Last night he had a couple where he f*****g slipped up."

At WrestleMania 38, Austin performed in his first match in 19 years, defeating Kevin Owens in a No Holds Barred setting. The Texas Rattlesnake then appeared at WrestleMania Sunday to Stunner Vince McMahon one more time. 

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