Talent Defend Brandi Rhodes Following Reports She Wasn't Well Liked In AEW

Conflicting reports too

All Elite Wrestling talent have defended Brandi Rhodes following a report from PWTorch's Wade Keller which noted nobody in the promotion had "anything nice" to say about her. 

Keller said

"So I'll just say this. It sounds mean but nobody has anything nice to say about Brandi Rhodes and her disposition or popularity behind the scenes and I'm not saying that with any personal satisfaction or preference for her to be liked or not liked. I'm just telling you when I talk to people, Brandi has not been seen as an asset on camera, in the ring, or behind the scenes. And so that ended up being baggage with Cody because people like Cody, pretty universally like Cody. Even people who say bad things about Cody like Cody if that makes sense".

Rhodes was previously an on-screen talent in AEW as well as the promotion's Chief Brand Officer. She left AEW on Tuesday, February 15 along with her husband Cody Rhodes. 

Sources WrestleVotes and Grapsody's Will Washington spoke to were more positive about Brandi's contributions in AEW, though, conflicting with the original report from Keller.

"I know there's some noise going around, and I absolutely have no horse in the race here, but I did ask a few people and all of them said good things about Brandi Rhodes. Most of the folks I spoke to said she will be missed within the company as a whole," WrestleVotes wrote.

Washington added: "AEW talent is now weighing in on this. I had a couple of private conversations yesterday that were very glowing of Brandi as well and spoke especially highly of her giving nature behind the scenes. Not saying this is a lie, but it definitely speaks more to who was talked to."

Several AEW talents also came to Brandi Rhodes' defence, including Red Velvet and Nyla Rose. Referee Aubrey Edwards and Amanda Huber called the report that the former Chief Brand Officer wasn't well liked "sh*t" too. 

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