Tay Conti Speaks On The Backstage Differences Between WWE And AEW

Particularly in the channels of communication

AEW star Tay Conti had been signed with WWE up until one year ago, training at the Performance Center and wrestling in NXT. She's spent the last seven months of her career with AEW, and notices some significant differences between organizations.

Speaking with Michael Morales of Lucha Libre Online, Conti notes that the AEW atmosphere is far more tranquil and inviting than WWE's, while still remaining professional.

"I haven't been this happy in the USA like I am right now," Conti begins. "Obviously when I arrived, my first year, everything was new. I was delighted but since I started to understand the work a little bit more, I haven't been this happy. I feel I can be myself. I don't have to be afraid to say hi to 'X person', or, 'I have to do this', or 'I was late for one minute, what is going to happen to me?' I don't have this pressure that isn't necessary.

"In AEW, everything is really professional, but relaxed. They let you be who you really are."

Conti adds that Tony Khan and other company officers are far more directly receptive to talent ideas and concerns, whereas being heard in WWE could be difficult.

"I have freedom like, 'Hey Tony, I have this idea, can we talk?' or 'Hey Cody, Kenny...' - I have free access to talk to anyone, and this never happened to me before. Tony already knew me because he went to some NXT shows. He looked at me and he knew who I was.

"That really excited me because in WWE, I didn't have that. To talk to my boss in WWE, I had to write, tried to call, 'In the next few months, two months we can talk'."

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