The Sandman Reveals He Thought The ECW Zombie Was A Rib

The ECW icon was used as a mascot of sorts for WWE's ill-fated relaunch.

WWE's 2006 relaunch of ECW got off to a rocky start, with many fans and critics deriding an infamous segment featuring ECW original The Sandman and 'The Zombie'. 

During a segment on the debut episode of ECW on Sci-Fi, The Sandman caned The Zombie (who was representing the network). 

Asked about his thoughts on the segment during a recent virtual signing with K&S WrestleFest, the former ECW Champion said: 

"I thought it was a rib. I thought they were ribbing me, because it was the first night that we were going on Sci-Fi, and it's a big building. I just come around one of the corners or something and they got they got a zombie there and they had an alien, like a little dude with a green suit on and big eyes. I'm like, 'What a disgrace. This is what I've turned my career into'. I'm like, well, at least I'm not gonna get hurt today you know? Vince saw me as [best used in segments]. He never saw me as a match guy, it's the best way to use me, too. Yeah, it's downhill after that". 

The Sandman was released by WWE in September of 2007. 

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