The Undertaker Recalls Being 'Livid' With Vince McMahon Ahead of WWE Survivor Series 1993

'This is not what Undertaker does'

The Undertaker has recalled being 'livid' with Vince McMahon over the decision for him to be wearing a US Flag under his trademark coat heading into the 1993 WWE Survivor Series. 

Undertaker was confirmed as a late replacement for The All-Americans at the 1993 Survivor Series, and revelaled his allegiance by pullinng back his coat to reveal an American flag underneath.

The Deadman, who retired at the 2020 Survivor Series, says he was personally 'livid' with the idea.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, 'Taker said: "If it would have been up to me you wouldn’t have seen it. Believe me, I’m as big a patriot as will come down the road. I do a lot of work with our veterans and our first responders. But when Vince McMahon presented that to me, I was like, ‘There is no way in heck I am going to walk out there and open my coat with that flag.’

"He thought it was so cool because it was the Betsy Ross 13-colony flag, right? And that was what was going to make it cool. I was livid. I was like this is not what Undertaker does."

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