Atsushi Onita's FMW-E To Go On Hiatus

The deathmatch legend started his new promotion in Summer 2021

FMW-E, the recently formed deathmatch promotion from the legendary Atsushi Onita, have announced they are going on hiatus until March 2022.

Due to the explosive nature of FMW-E shows, all events are run outside, and with winter hurtling towards us, they have taken the decision to go into ‘hibernation’ until the weather picks back up in Spring.

Weekly Fight on Twitter (@miruhon) Tweeted the following:

“Jado Onita Bombing Total Settlement! FMW-E "Carnival" Hell Hardcore Rumble Before Hibernation Decided #FMWE #prorestling #大仁田厚 #デスマッチ #電流爆破 #冬眠 #鶴見爆破アリーナ #邪道

The Tweet references FMW-E’s next show on December 19 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, which will be the final show until FMW-E comes out of hibernation.

In true FMW-E style, they are going out of 2021 with a massive bang, promoting a ‘Hell’s Current Bombing Hardcore Rumble’ for December 19, with a multitude of explosions promised for the bout.

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